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Media Filters HVAC

Best Media Filters HVAC for your System

When you install an HVAC system in your home, it keeps recycling the same air again and again. Sometimes, even when the system is taking air from outdoors, it will include contaminants and pollutants. It is important to breathe healthy air constantly, and no one wants to damage their lungs by polluted or unclean air. It is possible with the media filters HVAC available in the market these days.  A media filter is located in the duct system, filters out harmful contaminants and improve quality of air in your home.

There are various products you can buy for cleaner air, but media filters HVAC is the best way. The media filters HVAC are useful for cleansing the indoor air. Some of the most reliable and efficient working filters are stated here for your convenience. You will know which one would suit your place and you will not be consumed after reading about them.

Electronic Cleaners

These are often known as the electrostatic cleaners which work differently than most other media filters HVAC. Such unit consist the plates which are electronically charged and impart ionic charges that attract them to plates and this goes through the pre filter.

It’s efficient in terms of cost as the plates do not have to be repaired. But proper cleaning of the plates has to be done along with washing them frequently. In case you do not wash them regularly, then particles could be released into air making the air unclean. This could actually cause negative effect as its totally doing opposite of what is expected from such filter.

The buildup cleaning and debris removal is very essential otherwise you can have breathing problems or allergy. So you must try to maintain the filter so that bacteria, mold and dust do not find home in this air cleaning equipment.

Pleated Filters

These are properly called as media filters because these are folded or pleated. These are similar to other filter, HEPA but are less efficient in comparison.  It performs well in case the particles are large in size. In case you face dust problems in the air, then such media filters HVAC are right thing to install.

HEPA filters

This filter is called high efficiency particulate air and it has got sieves which could easily collect all particles. The air circulation of these particles would stop when you use this kind of filter in your HVAC system.  In all filtration units, this kind of media filters HVAC is simply the most suitable as it stops the bacteria up to ninety nine percent.