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HVAC Air Conditioning Repair

Common AC Issues You Need to Know

Just like other household appliances, there are chances that an air conditioning will become faulty over time. The issues may be internal or external, minor or major, less costly or pocket pinching. Sometimes homeowners think that they can perform HVAC air conditioning repair without professional help. But this is not always possible and beside that it could actually harm the system more than benefitting it.

To make sure your HVAC system is working properly, you need to have knowledge of commonly faced issues. This will help you spot them at the earliest and seek expert HVAC air conditioning repair.

Some common HVAC and AC problems that happen would include the following –

Noise issues

The AC can start making noise when there is some internal problem. Ignoring weird sounds is not a great solution as it only enhances the problem and makes it grave and irreparable. Rattling noise could also come due to lose screws and panels inside the AC or HVAC. Lose parts inside can also cause such noises and affect its performance. So, when you hear noise in heat pumps of your HVAC or AC, you should call HVAC air conditioning repair service providers.

Temperature issues

Sometimes the heat pump in your system may stop working properly and you feel that temperature is not being maintained. Another issue that cause temperature imbalance is the pressure on air system or improper ventilation. Sometimes, the pumps require backup source for heating. Such heating or cooling problems in the HVAC and AC have to be fixed by HVAC air conditioning repair experts.

Time Lag in Switching On/Off

Sometimes AC can take more time in switching on than normal.  This could annoy the user and they may stop or avoid using the system even when it’s essential. This problem can be a very major issue as it damages the working quality and also baldy affects the system’s performance.


Dust, bacteria and mold could easily get collected in the panels of the AC. This problem is more common in HVAC systems as they are used for air ventilation. This can stop the flow of air to cool or heat and can result in breathing problems for people living in the home.

Other commonly noticed issues in HVAC air conditioning include ductwork issues, condenser problems, filter damage, thermostat issues and more. Do not ignore any problem you sense with your AC or HVAC system!