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How to Prepare HVAC system for Winter

Is winter round the corner? Have you prepared your home for winter? Wondering what you need to do to prepare you home for the approaching chilly season? Well, one of the most important things is to make sure your HVAC system is working properly. Wouldn’t it be frustrating is you find that there is some problem with the HVAC when you actually need it? Avoid falling into this kind of situation and get Cincinnati HVAC checked beforehand. Get in touch with your HVAC maintenance company and ask their technician to come for a visit.

Here are few ways to prepare your HVAC for Winter –

  • Shut down the power of the machine. Make sure it has completely stopped before checking on the blower and other parts. Get the filters replaced as dirty filters affect efficiency of machine.
  • Consult the Cincinnati HVAC technician to consider having a programmable thermostat installed. This will allow you to program preset temperatures for various times of the day so that your HVAC works less when you’re away. You won’t have to worry about high energy bills in holiday season.
  • If you already have a thermostat installed, check if it is functioning properly. Malfunctioning thermostat is a commonly faced maintenance issue.
  • Look out for faulty batteries, cut wires, worn out cables and more. Check the fuse and circuit breaker too.
  • When you try the HVAC, see if the air is musty and congested. It indicates that the filters are clogged and need replacement.
  • Look for any unusual noises or sounds coming from the machine. Call a HVAC repair technician if you find any kind of foul smell or weird sound coming from the HVAC system.

Don’t leave HVAC maintenance to the last minute. With winter approaching, make sure you are prepared to have a warm and comfortable home with a well-functioning thermostat. These little tips go a long way in saving you any kind of trouble.