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Commonly used heating and cooling systems

One of the latest yet most wanted equipment in any home is the heating and cooling system. Designed to keep your home comfortable across the year, this single appliance provides heating and cooling as per requirement. These system is also known as HVAC system. The full form of the HVAC is the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

The equipment that comes under HVAC is responsible for the humidity, temperature and the quality of indoor environment and provides relief for the habitants. There are a lot of equipment of the heating, ventilating and the cooling and also they are of different types. The important factors for determining which is right HVAC for your home is the duration of summer, duration of winter as well as space in your home. There is one more thing which plays a vital role and that thing is the humidity and for this also to know the proper equipment of the HVAC is required.

Heating systems

Heating the home is obviously the process of adding the heat in the indoor environment so increasing the temperature. At the time of winter the setting of the thermostat temperatures is around 66 degree Fahrenheit to 70 degree Fahrenheit and 68 degree is the average temperature. For the efficiency and comfort this is the sensible temperature. Some of the common heating system which is being used now days in the homes is:

Hydronic- In this equipment the water gets heated by the boiler and also it is circulated by the help of the radiators which are located in the houses.

Heat pump- There are many types of heat pumps and the air source is the most common among them. These pumps provide heating and cooling for the home.

Cooling systems

Air conditioning is also being called as the cooling of the home, this helps for the removing of the heat to cool and also for dehumidify of the indoor air. In the summer period the setting of the thermostat is about 74 degree to 80 degree Fahrenheit and 78 degree is average temperature. 78 degree temperature is reasonable for the comfort and efficiency of the house.

Ductless split system- This is the mini split system of the air conditioning which is as same as the traditional split system. And for this now a days each rooms of the house has the air handler which is located for the individual control and only because of this there is no need of the ductwork.


The main purpose of the ventilation in the houses is for the control of the humidity levels and the quality of the indoor air. The best way of controlling the ventilation of the house is by the help of the heating and cooling equipment. Normally in every house bathrooms and kitchens are having the ventilation system and it is just for the removal of the moistures and odors.